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All three owners have worked in the food service industry for years.  We have seen the type of food that is served in fraternity and sorority houses and knew we could do better.  Instead of having food sit out for two hours, we decided to do short order cooking for breakfast and lunch.  This way everyone's food comes out hot and fresh everyday.


Tired of the same food everyday?  We believe that everyone should have options everyday for breakfast and lunch.  We provide hot and fresh food that is cooked to order everyday.  All of our food is homemade, down to our garlic croutons and ceasar dressing.

Are you sick of not being able to get in touch with the owner(s)?  All three owners are very hands on.  They are in the kitchen everyday and are easily reachable by telephone or email.  

About the Owners

How did the 3 of you start a business together? What was that relationship and ultimate partnership?


Amaya was born and raised in Columbia, MO. She graduated from Rock Bridge High school and went on to graduate from Truman State University. It was during her senior year at Truman State when Amaya developed a love of cooking for others. After graduating, Amaya returned to Columbia to join the family catering business. Four years later and the decision was made to branch out and start her own catering company with her brother and friend. Thus 4 Points Catering was started.


Travis is from Columbia and graduated from Rock Bridge High School, where he also played football. He has two kids that he adores, both of them boys. Travis has an extensive background in management and sales. He was a manager for Ruby Tuesday’s and he also used to be a sales representative for US Foods. 


When Josiah was growing up he was always a daddy’s boy. Although his father stayed in his life, Josiah didn’t get to see him as much as he wanted.  After a couple of years at Westminster College, he had his first born and dropped out of school to take care of her. During that time his dad had started a successful catering company. When Josiah first started working for his dad it wasn’t because he knew anything about cooking. He just wanted to be around his pops. Over the years, he has learned from his father’s successes and failures. Josiah not only grew closer to his father, but he began to have a love for food. He wanted to start a company that was built on loyalty, trust, and family. That is the atmosphere that we want to be known for.
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