I would like to extend a recommendation of 4 Points Catering.  We have had two different catering companies in the past before 4 Points.  Their service has been/is far superior to any other catering company we have had previously.

I and the rest of my fraternity brothers appreciate how they ask for our input and suggestions when making their menus.  The quality of food and service is miles better than any other catering company we have had in the past.  We enjoy dealing with the owners of 4 Points because they are very involved and we like having a relationship with them.  They are always available via phone or email if we have any questions or need to make any changes to our meals.

You will not regret giving 4 Points Catering an opportunity.  We could not be happier and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Matt Eblen--TKE President October 9, 2018

University of Missouri Greek Houses

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We custom and tailor your menus to each Greek House specific to their students and needs, making sure that everybody in the house loves the food and can order from a robust and diverse menu. 

Whether you come in at 1pm or 11am, we'll cook a hot meal directly for you. Imagine being able to order from a menu of 30 or more items.

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