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April 7, 2019


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Mental Appetizers from Four Points Catering

November, 2018


TRYPTOPHAN TRIVIA—It’s an essential amino acid that promotes nitrogen balance in adults and growth in infants.  It creates the B-vitamin niacin, which is essential in creating serotonin, a chemical nerve cells produce that allows them to send signals to each other.  Other reasons it is important: It is involved in reducing depression and anxiety as well as regulating mood, sleep, social behavior, appetite and sexual desire/function.  Tryptophan is often blamed for the sleepy feeling people get after eating turkey during a big Thanksgiving meal.  This is a “fowl-accy” (chicken has more of it than turkey).  When people feel the need to take a nap after a Thanksgiving meal, the most likely reason is that they ate too darn much!


TAKE A FOOTBALL GAME APPROACH TO EATING HEALTHY—Divide each meal into halves and quarters.  Fill half your plate with veggies and fruits.  The Center for Disease Control tells us that only 1 in 10 Americans gets enough of them.  They reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.  Add starches on one-fourth of the plate (pasta, potatoes, rice and bread).  Finish with the fourth quarter devoted to proteins (meat, fish, tofu).  To top off the pre-meal salad, pass on the heavy dressing, croutons and cheese.  Instead, run with seeds and sprouts.


BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT THANKSGIVING—Abe Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday in 1863, right in the middle of the Civil War.  The person credited with being the most responsible for convincing him to do that was magazine editor Sarah Hale (1788-1879).  She was also the first person to advocate women as teachers in public schools, the first to advocate day care nurseries to help working mothers (lots of widows with kids those days), and the first to advocate public playgrounds.  She wrote 24 books and hundreds of poems, including the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb.  By the way, the Roto-Rooter company says the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest service-call day of the year for plumbers.


RETURN TO A CLEAN HOUSE AFTER SEMESTER BREAK—It’s not too early to make plans to have your home-away-from-home cleaned between semesters.  4 Points Catering management and staff likes to stay busy.  Talk with us about providing a thorough cleaning, including waxing floors, scrubbing bathrooms and cleaning individual rooms on all floors.


4 Points Catering is a locally-owned company.  In addition to frat houses, our clients include the MU athletic and pathology departments.  We also cater weddings and other special events.  See our website ( or check our reviews on Facebook.  Our website is fairly new, so your comments or suggestions are welcome.  If you have heard about a house that is receiving inadequate food service, talk to us about our referral incentive.  Contact Travis, Joe or Amaya.

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