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August 25, 2019


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Mental Appetizers from Four Points Catering

August/September, 2019


WELCOME TO THE 2019-20 ACADEMIC YEAR—The staff of 4 Points Catering will be dedicated to providing you with nourishing meals and other services while you are on campus.  We are a locally-owned company that also caters weddings and other special events.  Returning house residents will see changes and upgrades from last semester.  We have several new recipes we think you’ll like using fresh instead of dried herbs.  Chefs coats will give us an appearance upgrade as well.  Check us out at or our Facebook page.  We always welcome comments or suggestions.  Individualized service is one of the things that make us better than other catering companies.  For additional information, contact Travis, Joe or Amaya.


POWERFUL PROTEIN—After water, 100,000 different types of proteins combine to make a group that is the second most plentiful substance in the body.  It grows, maintains and replaces tissues.  Muscle, organs and the immune system are mostly made of protein.  The word is derived from the Greek word proteios, meaning "primary" or “holding first place.”  Complete (or whole) proteins are those that contain all nine of the essential amino acids.  The best sources for complete proteins are eggs, poultry, fish, beef, milk, unpolished rice, brown rice, white rice, peanuts and peas.  Vegetarians should eat a wide variety of protein sources to insure that they get all of the needed amino acids.  Protein should be consumed somewhat equally throughout the day to help avoid fatigue.


BEWARE OF THE BINGE—Ask anyone to name things college students have a reputation for, and near the top of the list will be drinking alcohol.  Well, it’s deserved.  Studies show that 4 out of 5 residents of fraternities and sororities are binge drinkers—defined as consuming five or more drinks within two hours.  There’s probably not much harm in that on rare occasions, as long as you don’t drive or do other stupid stuff while under the influence.  Doing it regularly throughout the year is another matter.  That’s not good for any of your body’s systems, and it’s even suspected of damaging the cells that line your arteries.


“I CAN’T”, or “I DON’T”—This is a good topic in consideration of the one above.  A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research titled “I Don’t vs. I Can’t: When Empowered Refusal Motivates Goal-Directed Behavior”, half of a group was trained to say “I Can’t” and the other half was trained to say “I Don’t” when offered a temptation.  The “I Don’t” group was 61 percent successful in refusing, but the “I Can’t” group was just 36 percent successful.  Saying “I Don’t” makes it a personal choice, whereas saying “I Can’t” is imbedded in the brain as an external rule.  Make an “I Don’t” list and keep it somewhere visible for added effectiveness.

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