September 5, 2018

BONKERS ABOUT BANANAS—They are Walmart’s No. 1 selling item.  In the U.S., each person eats an average of 11 to 12 pounds a year, making them America’s favorite fresh fruit.  Well, botanically they are a berry but we’ll let that slide.  Bananas have lots of vitamin B6, vitamin C, and pectin (a form of fiber).  They are also high in antioxidants.  It’s a myth that they are a good source of potassium according to Dr. Atkins (the famous book author about nutrition).  He prefers sunflower seeds, among other foods, for that mineral.  Make a smoothie with the soft bananas—the level of useful nutrients in them increases as they ripen.

DO MICHAEL AND JONTAY GET ENOUGH PROTEIN?—Meat is a well-known source of protein, so you might ask that of the two most well-known vegans ever to set foot on the MU campus.  Probably no nutrient is so misunderstood as protein.  Leading health organizations say a well-balanced, calorie-adequate diet of vegetables will provide you with plenty of it.  Protein is involved in nearly all cell functions.  It is required for structural support and the maintenance/repair of tissue.  It is also the basic component for immunity, most hormones and all enzymes.  In food, proteins are made from chains of 20 amino acids and our bodies can produce only 11 of them.  The other 9 must be obtained from what you eat.  Vegans and vegetarians can get those 9 with a variety of whole grains, legumes and veggies.

CHEESE PLEASE—Most cheese is made by heating milk to separate the curd from the whey.  Enzymes or acids are added to the curd, which then hardens.  That can take anywhere from hours to years.  The flavor depends on the kind of milk used, the cultures added and how it is aged.  Here are a few well-known cheeses with their flavor characteristics: Blue (very sharp, pungent), Brie (mild with a bit of tanginess), Colby (moderately tangy), Gouda (mild, slightly nutty), Goat (earthy, smoky, pungent), Mozzarella (mild), and Parmesan (strong, earthy).  Cheese provides you with calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and other nutrients.  Calcium is one of the nutrients most likely to be deficient in American diets.

IT’S A KNOCKOUT—Want a great activity for an event where you want people to have a good time?  Check out or knockerballcomo on Facebook.

Four Points Catering is a locally-owned company.  In addition to frat houses, our clients include the MU athletic and pathology departments.  We also cater weddings and other special events.  See our website ( or check our reviews on Facebook.  Contact Travis, Joe or Amaya.  By the way, are your vending machines well stocked and are you getting a fair percentage of the profits?  We have now expanded to meet those needs.  Our priorities will be the same as those of all services--dependability and honesty.

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