November 17, 2019


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Mental Appetizers from Four Points Catering

November, 2019

4-POINTS SELECTED AS COLUMBIA’S BEST!!—Thanks to our on-campus and off-campus customers, we have been notified that our company was selected as Columbia’s Best Caterer.  We are humbled because your support is what made this possible.   4-Points will continue to provide you with the high-quality food selections and service that allowed us to receive this honor.  At the same time, we are committed to continually upgrading and improving everything we do to satisfy our clients.  Tell us what you think of the new video on our Facebook page.

SOME FOOD PRODUCTS IN SHORT SUPPLY—One of our suppliers has notified us that some produce growers have been hammered by harsh weather conditions.  High temperatures this summer on the West Coast affected broccoli, cauliflower, peas, melons and lettuce.  Early freezing temperatures hit Idaho recently, which may reduce the potato crop by 20-30%.  This also mean higher prices and lower quality as growers struggle to meet food supply demands.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET—One-fourth of the bones in the body are located in your feet, which are a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and skin.  Sore, blistered feet make every block walked seem like a mile.  To avoid this, alternate footwear a couple of times a week.  Toenail and skin care are two of the most important parts of foot care.  Proper fit is critical, so people that use their feet a lot should get professional help when selecting footwear.  Sore feet will change your walking stride, which can lead to knee and/or hip problems.  All this is especially important for people who engage in sports or fitness activities.  Doing research on foot care and footwear selection is worth the effort.

THE BIG RESET—It was conceived as a way to save energy, but that hasn’t happened according to some studies.  We habitually call it Daylight Savings Time, but it’s more correct to say “Saving”.  The clock adjustment occurs at an odd time—2:00 a.m.  Know why?  It was selected as the least most disruptive hour, when most people are asleep and most bars/restaurants are closed.  DST traditionally ended the last Sunday in October, but the candy industry lobbied hard to have it moved back.  They were successful 2007, so it was moved to the first Sunday in November.  Parents can now feel less anxious about giving Halloween trick or treaters additional time to fill their bags since daylight lasts longer in the evening.

4 Points Catering is a locally-owned company.   We also cater weddings and other special events.  See or our Facebook page.  Contact Travis, Joe or Amaya.  Your comments are always welcome—just put them in our suggestion box.

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